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Year 10 GCSE Higher

Year 10 GCSE Higher Programme of Study

To help students master topics they have struggled with in class there are three websites which provide worksheets of exam style questions, exemplar or worked solutions (WAGOLLs) and a video guide for explanation.  Further to this, by typing a particular topic into Youtube you can usually find some good ‘how to’ guidance.    all free – no login or registration required.   all free – no login or registration required.


This year all homeworks will be set from Hegarty Maths    Logging on will be explained to students who have failed to complete any tasks set them last year. 

Half Term


Autumn 1

Powers and roots

Surds and irrational numbers


Standard form


Autumn 2


Quadratic graphs

Algebraic fractions

Simultaneous equations

Spring 1


Probability, sets, venn and sample space diagrams. Including conditional probability

Spring 2


Upper and lower bounds

2D shapes and circle geometry

3d shapes

Volume and surface area

Summer 1

Compund measures and proportion

Similarity and trigonometry

3D triangle

Summer 2

Data collection and sampling

Presenting data with multiple statistical diagrams