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Year 10

Curriculum Map

Half term

Topic: City Promotion

Home Study 

Autumn 1

Investigation of the conventions of the travel poster

Completion of class exercises: Poster studies in dry materials

Autumn 2

Typography: research, selection and development of letter/font type

Completion of class exercises:

Further development of typography using ICT/dry materials

Spring 1

Material experiments combining watercolour & dry materials

Use of extra-curricular time to further knowledge of material properties and combinations.

Spring 2

Composition and preliminary designs

Development and completion of compositions (4 ways, 2 ways and final A4 piece)

Summer 1

Final composition A2

Use of extra-curricular time to complete a quality final piece.

Summer 2

Introduction to still life studies: measured drawing (P.E.A.S)

Object drawings using a variety of dry materials and techniques.