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Year 11

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 11

Autumn 1

Component 1 – Verbatim

Exploration of play text Monsters.


  • Pupils complete a series of filmed and teacher assessed workshops, which explore the play text and supporting stimulus research.
  • Group performance of own Verbatim material

Portfolio work:

  • Monsters exploratory work reviewed.
  • Verbatim research documented and analysed.
  • Brechtian techniques performance review.

Autumn 2

Component 1 – Verbatim - Blackwatch

Pupils watch key scenes from Black Watch (National Theatre of Scotland)


Scene analysis and exploration.

Roles and responsibilities of writer, director and actor explored.

Spring 1

Component 3 – External exam preparation

Pupils respond to pre-release material.


Teacher-led workshops, which form the basis for Milestone 1, written review.

Group exploration:

Pupils begin devising their own performance piece, which meets the requirements of the exam brief, and stimulus.

Spring 2

Component 3

Milestone 2 written review

Rehearsal period.

Practical examination – Milestone 3.

Performance filmed and completed in exam conditions.

Summer 1

Component 3

Milestone 4 written review – the evaluation.

Summer 2

Completed course