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Year 11

Half term

Unit(s) of work

Home study

Autumn 1

Promotion and Finance


Financial planning and business documents

  • Find financial documents we use daily e.g. receipts look at what information is on the receipt, why are they needed?
  • Using the internet complete purchase orders for businesses like Argos
  • Create a mind map, which includes all the financial planning business documents we have discussed and include on your map their use, why they are important and the benefits to keeping accurate documents.

Autumn 2



  • Create a definition table, which includes the definition for start-up, fixed, variable, direct, and operating costs.
  • For a business of your choice, identify types of costs for each of the above. Explain why they are that type of cost.


Break even

Cash flow

Balance sheets

  • Revise the use of each financial planning tool
  • Revise the formula required to calculate break even
  • Use the breakeven sheets in lesson to help you with creating the break-even tables and graphs
  • Break even homework book will also help you in revising this
  • Come with the advantages and disadvantages to using each planning tool for businesses

Spring 1

Business promotion

  •   Make a list of as many different types of promotion you can think of
  • Research business promotional campaigns. Find one, which you think, was successful and explain what you think made it successful.
  • Create a suitable promotion for a product of your choice. Make use of each element of the promotional mix

Spring 2

What makes a successful marketing campaign?

  • Choose a large business that you buy from regular.  Research their promotional campaigns; identify the positive and negative points of each campaign. Try to use different types e.g. ambient, audio etc.