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Year 11 GCSE Foundation

GCSE Foundation Year 11  Programme of study and Homeworks


This year all homeworks will be set from Hegarty Maths    Logging on will be explained to students who have failed to complete any tasks set them last year. 

Students may request extra papers to those done in class, to take home.  These will be marked by the teacher and feedback given.  Please ensure that he is supported in this and encouraged both to ask for and to complete them.  To help their understanding, links will be provided to video explanations and further questions on topics they don’t quite understand from the Corbett maths website

To help students master topics they have struggled with in class there are three websites which provide worksheets of exam style questions, exemplar or worked solutions (WAGOLLs) and a video guide for explanation.  Further to this, by typing a particular topic into Youtube you can usually find some good ‘how to’ guidance.   for this site they will need the login which can be  provided.    all free – no login or registration required.   all free – no login or registration required.

In year 11 guidance will be given following each practise paper as to which topics each student should try to improve on.


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments


Autumn 1

Unit 24: Vectors

Unit 25: Geometric reasoning (KS3 review)

Unit 26: Bearings

Unit 27: Congruence

Unit 28: Construction and Loci



Pre Assessments for Units 24 - 28

A1 Post Assessment

In class past paper (one set – one paper per 3 weeks)


Autumn 2

Unit 29: Linear inequalities

Unit 30: Linear graphs

Unit 31: Non-linear graphs


Pre Assessments for Units 29 - 31

A2 Post Assessment


In class past paper (one set – one paper per 3 weeks)

November/ December Mock Exam

Spring 1

Targeted revision topics


In class past paper (one set – one paper per 3 weeks)


Spring 2

Targeted revision topics

March Mock exam

Summer 1

Targeted revision topics


Summer 2