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Year 7

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit of work

Home Study tasks

Autumn 1

Drawing assessment & formal elements (wet & dry materials)

Look up one of the 5 Rs in a dictionary/thesausus. Design a synonym in the style of the word e.g.

Resilient ---   Flexible ------style of font might stretch and bend like a branch or like chewing gum.

Reliable ----letters might be made of bricks

It is just as important to THINK of creative ideas as designing a neat response. This may take up to 2 hours.

Autumn 2

Landscape: Dry materials

Formal elements:

Jasper Johns /Op Art preparation

Design a Christmas Card suitable for corporate use. You may consider a manual or digital response, but you must limit your palette to three colours maximum. Consider the formal elements- you could limit yourself to using basic solid forms only within a still life image.

Spring 1

Landscape: Wet materials

Formal elements: Op Art Cubes

What message would you like to promote to your fellow students? Design a graphic response with an accompanying design based on an appropriate personal or social theme e.g. An anti-litter campaign.

Spring 2

Landscape: Final A3

Formal elements: Op Art Cubes

Make a three dimensional response in any material (within reason) that promotes, for example, the 5 R’s.

Summer 1

Architecture Preparation

Completion of Formal Elements Library

“In a good place” – Produce a photographic or manual response to this theme as a real, imaginary or emotional space.

Summer 2

Architecture Response (ICT/Manual)

Completion of Formal Elements Library

Superfood character - As a result of redesigning the School canteen you are asked to design characters based upon healthy foods e.g. Captain Carrot. You response can be manual or digital but must include a written commentary.

A Basic Skills course will start the year as an attempt to ease the transition from Primary to Secondary school and to standardise learning. The year will focus on the use of selected visual elements: line, shape and tone. Outcomes for each term will be in the media of Painting and Drawing, Graphics and 3D work. Boys will produce work as a response to Landscape, Figurative and Ethnic termly briefs.