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Year 7

Curriculum Map

Autumn 1


Practice passing, receiving, tackling and running with the ball

Practice passing backwards in small groups on the move and increase speed by running from depth.

Practice tackling and increase speed of self and opponent as you progress.

Research the rules on tackling and produce a video to demo to class.


Autumn 2


Practice passing, dribbling, shooting and lay ups

Watch a live game of basketball on Youtube. Pick three players and explain what they are good and bad at


Spring 1


Practice passing, dribbling, shooting, heading and team tactics.

Watch a live game of football and make your own version of Jamie Carragher analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a team. Video and show to class.

Write a training session for a football skill of your choice using Youtube as research


Spring 2


Practice passing, dribbling and shooting

Research the rules and scoring system of Handball and produce a Powerpoint to show the class

Watch a live game of handball on Youtube and explain how they attack and defend.


Summer 1

Striking and fielding

Practice throwing and catching, fielding and attacking and defensive batting.

Make a presentation to show three different types of cricket shot and when you might use them.


Summer 2


Practice fitness and running all distances. Practice throwing and jumping techniques

Practice running 100m, 400m and 1500m and try and improve your personal best.