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Year 8 

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit of work

Home Study

Autumn 1

Ricky Brown

  • Write Ricky’s last school report, with comments on his work and behaviour in each lesson.
  • Create a Facebook profile page for Ricky Brown. You need to consider; recent status updates, friend comments, pages liked, notifications, shared images.
  • Create a comic strip of a day in the life of Ricky Brown
  • Imagine that you are the science stool that Ricky Brown used to hit Mr Smith with. What inside information do you have: what do you know? Write down your thoughts and feelings.
  • What was Mr Smith like when he was at school? Write his last school report in Year 11.

Autumn 2

Ricky Brown

Spring 1 and 2


  • Who was the man that died of the plague? Write a short story about what happened to him.
  • Right at the bottom of the chest of gold there is a letter, who is it from and what does it say? Write this letter.
  • It is ten years later, where are the key members of the village? Have they recovered from the experience? Write a FACTFILE on two members of the village.

Summer 1 and 2

Seven Ages of Man

  • Research an older member of your family or community’s history. Create a timeline of their key life events.
  • Conduct an interview with the person, try to record it or make notes and turn it into a script.




















Your “Drama Tool Kit” from Year 7 will be built upon; furthering your use of a range of techniques; still image, conscience alley, thoughts aloud, physical theatre and narration. You will begin to use the techniques independently to aid your exploration of the unit content and to reflect your level of understanding; experiencing different performance styles and exploring relevant social issues and concerns. Drama will continue to challenge you to look at the world around you in a different way and to focus and explore how humans behave in different situations.

You will continue to evaluate the work of other groups using success criteria. You will be given regular feedback from both your teacher and your peers to allow you to progress your skills.