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Year 8

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 8

Autumn 1

Introduction to Still Life object drawing

Production of a collage based on 5 elements:

  • Green bottle
  • Apple and/or orange
  • Glass or bowl
  • Cloth and table
  • Vertical background

Rendering glass (coloured pencil)

Rendering fruit: Oil pastel (sgraffito)

Modelling with cross-hatched pen/biro

Tissue collage with painted wet –in-wet shadow

Gradient/texturised ground in paint

Autumn 2

Contextual Still Life exercises

Baseline still life assessment;


Artists Jigsaw exercise

Drawing in the style of ..exercise

Development of 5 object composition in the style of artist

Spring 1


Rendering surfaces

Using a lettering grid

Rendering Wood gain

Rendering Metal (chrome, steel, brass)

Spring 2

Lettering for a stylistic purpose

Rendering Stone (perspective)

Development of lettering for a poster from a brand name

Summer 1

Preparation for poster design:

4 x A6 samples

The rules for composition

Drawing for a purpose

Reviewing and revising an image

Summer 2

Producing a final A3 graphic poster advertising food/drink in an artist’s style e.g. Costigliolo: “Costi’s coffee”; Leger’s Lounge; Derain’s Diner etc.

Composition of image

Stylistic treatment of objects

Typography placing and suitability of style

Digital exercise: if room available

This developmental year sees a departure from thematic work. The focus for the year builds upon Year 7: composition, colour and surface. Outcomes for each term will be in the media of Painting and Drawing, Graphics and 3D work. Boys will produce work as a response to Architectural, Still Life and Natural/Mechanical termly briefs