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Year 8

Curriculum Map

Autumn 1

Teacher Demonstration And Start Preparation Main Task To Add Chords And Rhythm Together From A Given Pattern

Check Rhythm And Chord Progress From Last Lesson Then Demo The Addition Of A Given Melody

Autumn 2

Analyse Melody Shapes And Techniques From Well Know Tunes

Add A Melody To The Chords Given By Teacher

Spring 1

Lessons Create A Simple Chordal Piece

Stop Regularly For Spotlight Opportunities

Peer And Teacher Feedback To Aid Progress

Spring 2

Record The Piece In Pairs

Assess The Piece As A Class Incorporating Peer Assessment

Spare Lesson For Catch Up Where Required

Summer 1

Choose Your Favourite Song And Work On Performing It Using Synthesia On You Tube In A Pair

Practice Spotlight Feedback Peer And Teacher


Summer 2

Assess Using Peer Assessment