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Year 8

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit of work

Home study

Autumn 1 & 2

Introducing chords -

Performance Musical Futures

Introducing chords – chord patterns

Task 1 - Find on line a selection of 5 different chord patterns and using your virtual keyboard from the previous home study practice playing one of the chord patterns at home.

Task 2 - Either revise the tune or chords for the class chosen chorus so that next lesson you are ready to perform your part in the team performance

Spring 1 & 2

Summer 1 & 2

Popular Music performance

 - Teach drum kit rhythm on keyboard

Preparing chords, tune and add rhythm.

Appraise, review, record, mark and peer assess

Task 1 - Create your own group’s Success Criteria for your group’s performance in readiness to share

Task 2 - Complete a set of evaluation questions given by staff to complete