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Year 9 

Curriculum Map

Half term

Unit of work

Home study

Autumn 1 & 2

Unit 5  - Developing Performing skills


Unit 1  - Venues

Health and Safety

Unit 5 Task 1 - Target setting development. Find out more about SMART targets and create your own at home

Unit 5 Task 2 - Weekly home practice on your instrument at home if you have facility there or use the school facilities on Tuesday music Intervention sessions and lunchtime opportunities.

Unit 1 Task 1 - Research small medium and large venues in Merseyside.  Create a brochure with the names and contact information as well as capacity.

Unit 1 Task 2 - Write up a report from our visit to local venues on a Word document this should include Health and safety information gleaned on the trip.

Spring 1 & 2

Unit 4 - Composition of an advert jingle

Unit 1 - Production and Promotion

How organisations interrelate

Performance and Creative Roles

Unit 4 Task 1 - Developing task 1 ideas from your lesson. Use Music Intervention time as appropriate

Unit 4 Task 2 - Develop 2 of your ideas further trying the methods taught from your music lessons.


Unit 1 - Research and produce the roles fulfilled by service companies and agencies

Summer 1 & 2

Unit 4 - Composition of an advert jingle

Unit 1 - Management and Promotion Roles

Unit 4 - See Mr Jackson for personalised portfolio targets


Unit 1 - Create job specifications for management roles as discussed in class