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Year 9

Curriculum Map


Half term

Unit(s) of Work

Key Assessments

Year 9

Autumn 1

The Riots SOW

Crime and Punishment theme runs throughout the schemes in Year 9.

Stimulus based; animal rights protest. Pupil practical exploration of newspaper articles and images.

Core skills developed with criteria:

Still images & movement transitions.

Detailed thoughts aloud with character movement.

Conscience alley – blending technique with physical theatre.

Autumn 2

The Riots SOW continued


Derek Bentley

Exploration of stimulus.

Developing characterisation skills:

Multi role

Cross cutting


Use of performance space

Group performance work.

Peer and self-evaluations.

Spring 1

Derek Bentley


Spring 2

Lord of the Flies – scripted

Initial stimulus based workshops on the themes of Lord of the Flies.

Working with play text and developing ‘page to stage’ skills.

Exploration of characters and subtext.

Group performance work.

Peer and self-evaluations.

Summer 1

Lord of the Flies


Summer 2

Commedia d’ell Arte – Theatre History

Theatre history

Focus on comedic performance / character stereotypes / classic plot features. This is related to modern day comedic characters.

Assessment focus on physical skills, actions and reactions and creating a Commedia role play performance.

Peer / teacher verbal assessments.

Pupil self-evaluations.


In Year 9, drama will continue to challenge you through using more mature and complicated stimulus themes, which will allow you explore a range of viewpoints and evaluate how humans behave in a range of situations. You continue to develop your core drama skills to a higher and more professional level. You will start to combine the techniques that you have used in Year 7 and Year 8 to create exploratory and performance work with more depth and creativity. You will also explore scripted performance and will be taught a range of techniques for getting a performance from ‘page to stage’.

If you are considering taking drama as an option subject, the Year 9 schemes are designed to mirror a watered down version of the BTEC units. This gives you an experience of what taking drama at a higher level involves and how you are assessed. You will continue to evaluate the work of other groups using success criteria. You will be given regular feedback from both your teacher and your peers to allow you to progress your skills.