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  • Student Achievement for the School

    Published 16/07/19
    Zak Gifford was recently awarded “Most Outstanding Cadet” for Wallasey Fire Station, an award issued by Merseyside Fire Brigade. Zak is a member of The Mosslands Sixth Form and is following a Public Services qualification with The Prot
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  • Sports Day 2019

    Published 15/07/19

    Congratulations to Faraday

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    Published 09/07/19

    Team Science took over seventy Year 10 pupils on a visit to the Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre for a symposium called “Accelerators for Science and Society”  involving Big data: generation and analysis, Proton Beam Therapy: How the Large Hadron Collider Cures Cancer, Antimatter Matters!, AI and other mind-blowing possibilities plus a hands-on circus of experiments.

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  • Mosslands PE Kit

    Published 03/07/19

    Mosslands PE kit - EV2 Sportswear

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  • Open Evening - School Closes Early

    Published 11/06/19

    On Thursday 13th June, school will close at 2.20 pm in order to prepare for Open Evening.

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  • Intervention Sessions – May Half Term 2019

    Published 24/05/19

    Important Information for Year 11

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  • Calling all parents of Year 6 pupils starting at The Mosslands School in September 2019

    Published 08/05/19

    At The Mosslands School we recognise that the transition from primary school to secondary is a big step for pupils, and often for parents too, and therefore the transition process is an important time. As part of this process, your child is being offered the chance to apply for a place on our transition week programme run in partnership with The UK Military School.

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  • Success for Mosslands “Bright Future” Students.

    Published 08/05/19

    In November, 27 school from across Merseyside took up the Unilever Bright Future Challenge and on  the 21st March they returned to Port Sunlight to be “judged” !

    The Mosslands team challenge, was to formulate, produced and market and a moisturising/face cream entirely  made from  natural ingredients with absolutely no plastic involved including the  packaging process,  in order to produce a sustainable and acceptable product.

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  • Summer Club

    Published 07/05/19
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  • Important information for Year 11

    Published 03/05/19

    Important information for Year 11

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  • The LCR Make It Work Schools Robotic Challenge: Grand Final

    Published 03/05/19

    At 8:15, we left Mosslands School to go to the Liverpool City Region “Make it Work” Grand Final in which we had earned the opportunity to go to by successfully becoming triumphant joint winners in the Wirral Heat. Could we achieve this again?

    Once we entered the exhibition centre a flood of recognition entered me I became confident. I knew we were going to do well. First, we had to come up with a team slogan – ours was Build, Drive, Win – then write a description of all our strengths. The reason for this is because we had to present this to the people who were showcasing the event. After a short presentation by the All About STEM team we began. Like last time, me and Keane worked on the base whilst Corey and Harvey worked on the arm and the supports. A sense of familiarity rushed inside me, mixed in with adrenaline, like a dangerous chemical reaction ready to show off what it can do. Unsurprisingly, the whole team was a little rusty but nevertheless we quickly picked up the pace with our helper named Tom, who coincidently was an old Mosslands lad.

    Once the base was tightened and completed, we moved onto the wheels. From past experience we had all learnt that a systematic order was a much more sensible approach to the task of building instead of building random things in a random order. But of course, all was too calm until, I had already finished my wheel, but Keane had barely started due to an extremely important piece being missing. The metal pole to connect the motor and wheel was missing. We all searched long and hard for 15 minutes and it was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, the lady that handled all the pieces lent us one and after valuable time being wasted we set off once again. Thankfully due to our missed time one of the STEM ambassadors gave us a huge help in the ever-confusing construction of our robot. We were back on track in no time and were close to finishing. However, the most important part of the building was still left to complete. The shape of one’s claw (used to pick up the tennis balls) could dictate the place you end with in the competition. Fortunately, we had in my opinion the best builder, engineer in the room: Corey McGeagh.

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  • Liverpool University, Health and Life Sciences Faculty

    Published 02/05/19

    In March our students were privileged to experience, the finest of Liverpool University’s Health and Life Sciences Faculty. They engaged in workshops involving Veterinary, Radiotherapy, Nursing and Dental schools that gave them insights into fascinating and rewarding careers.

    Students got to learn about the large range of treatments the dental profession can offer and even had the chance to work on a small plaster replica of teeth and fill in a tooth cavity with composite resin.

    At the School of Nursing, the boys learnt how to take each other’s temperatures, use Ultra violet light to detect “dirt” on their hands and how to correctly wash their hands, which perhaps should  even be taught to all boys

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