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  • Year 9 crowned Wirral football champions

    Published 22/05/18

    Our talented year 9 team finally lifted the trophy this year for the first time. They won the Merseyside cup in year 7 and were beaten finalists in the year 8 Wirral cup last year. This made them more determined to go one better this year. It was a privilege to play at recently promoted Tranmere Rovers’ Prenton Park stadium. 

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  • Mosslands Hosts Erasmus+ Transnational Project Meeting

    Published 17/05/18

    Mosslands had the pleasure of welcoming our European Partner schools to Wallasey from 21-29 April 2018. Delegates from our partners in Poland, Romania, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy visited the school are local area to work collaboratively on our current Erasmus Project “Uniting our Hearts without Frontiers”. The project is focussed on finding out how we can best help Refugee children to settle into our respective schools and countries. After being welcomed by Mr Whiteley we were treated to an informative presentation by Anna Turnbull of Wirral MEAS (Minority and Ethnic Achievement Service who explained what support services exist locally to help children who arrive on the Wirral with English as a second language.


    We were also fortunate to be able to meet one of her colleagues who, as a Syrian lady, was able to explain what life if like for a refugee on the Wirral. Anna has also delivered assemblies to year 7 and 8 pupils to help them to appreciate what it means to be a refugee and has work planned with the Sixth form in our quest to be recognised as a School of Sanctuary, where all pupils are able to empathise with pupils arriving as refugees.


    Stephen Chaderton from the Liverpool branch of the ‘Refugee Action’ charity then explained current Government policies relating to immigration and Asylum seekers, as well as the systems they have in place for the limited number of new arrivals from Syria who the charity is helping to resettle on the Wirral. The afternoon was spent visiting English classes for native arabic speakers in Birkenhead which is run by Wirral Change. In all, a facinating insight into a world which very few of us know very much about.

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  • Mosslands - Best STEM school in the North

    Published 14/05/18

    At the acclaimed Centre for Life Scientific Village in Newcastle, Mosslands School was jointly awarded the accolade of ENTHUSE Award STEM Secondary School of the Year, Regional Winners for the North.

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  • Mosslands Students show off their Smarts

    Published 01/05/18

    On Wednesday 25th April, 60 Mosslands students put their engineering, creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills to the test when they took part in the Smart Building Challenge, run by the Smallpeice Trust.

    On the day, students were challenged to create a prototype smart water filter which followed the Trust’s philosophy of; “simplicity in design, economy in production”. This involved not only having to design and build the prototype but also to keep a close eye on the finance side of production and develop a presentation to showcase the benefits of their invention.

    However, the day began with a simpler challenge… at least on paper.

    Each team was provided with 10 pieces of A4 paper and a 100g weight. The task: To use only the paper provided to build the highest structure capable of supporting the weight for at least ten seconds. 

    The air was thick with tension as each team vied for the honour of first place. While teams debated the pros and cons of folded versus rolled paper, Corey, Ben, Alfie and Lewis in Team 6 appeared to have cracked it as their first successful attempt stood at an impressive 84.5 cm. However, Adel, Danny, Josh and Dominic in team 3 soon matched this achievement and the race to the top continued.

    Next, team 6 returned to try and claim the title with an impressive 106cm tower – but their hopes of victory were dashed as the tower came tumbling down when the weight was placed on top. Team 3 returned to the contest with their next creation, which stood at 105.5cm. The weight was placed carefully on top… would it hold? Thankfully it did and team 3 were announced the winners.

    But the contest was not over…

    Team 6 returned yet again, with an imposing 125cm tower. The whole hall waited with bated breath as the weight was placed, then removed. Adjustments were made and the weight was lowered once again. All eyes were on team 6… could they take the crown from team 3? Unfortunately, it was not to be, and their tower collapsed under the weight. Team 3, breathed a sigh of relief – their victory was safe!

    It was now time for the main event. After learning how social media is always listening to us (and how to turn off an app’s permission to access your phone’s microphone), the teams then began their main task: to design and build a smart water filter.

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  • SCIENCE TAKES THE LEAD IN STE@M ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Published 23/04/18

    Mosslands School recognised for excellence in Science teaching

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  • Rotary Young Leader Award 2018

    Published 23/03/18
    Joshua Turner-Preston U6R was nominated and recently interviewed by members of Wallasey Rotary Club for the Rotary Young Leaders Award (RYLA) Every year since 1991, Rotary Clubs within each district have offered young people between the ages of 15 &n
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  • Year 13 – Preparing the students for living away from home

    Published 21/03/18
    As part of the Enrichment course on offer to all Sixth Form students, Mr Shaw spent the day working with the students who will be moving away from home to attend University.  After some initial talks about the need to eat healthy and maintain an
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  • Brick Heads WIN!  Engineering STEM Challenge.

    Published 08/03/18

    Team Brick Heads get to compete in the Merseyside Regional Final of The Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge at Chester University

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  • School is open as usual today!

    Published 27/02/18

    Mosslands School is Open Today

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  • F1 in Schools Regional Final

    Published 14/02/18

    On Wednesday 31st January, 10 of our STE@M scholars visited the very impressive National Centre for Motorsport Engineering at Bolton University, for a very busy and exciting day.

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  • Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station

    Published 24/01/18

    Power to Mosslands Students!

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  • Dangerous Equations

    Published 23/01/18

    Dangerous equations are fun!
    Students recollections of a fabulous STE@M trip to Chester University.

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