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Voice in a Million

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The Mosslands School choir is to attend the prestigious singing event "Voice in a Million" at London's O2 Arena. This will be a fabulous chance for the boys to sing alongside over 10,000 other singers from choirs all over the UK infront of a huge audience.

This will be an exhausting but thoroughly memorable day for the boys who will leave the school gates at 6am, travel to London, perform 13 songs in the 02 Arena and return to school 23 hours later!

The VIAM performance is not just an evening of popular songs; it's a musical voyage through the story of adoption, which is told in both songs from the choir and narrative. The carefully chosen songs are relevant to each part of the story as the audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster through every aspect of what an abandoned child, or an adoptive parent, guardian or foster carer may experience in their lives; and the importanceof a loving environment.

Voice in a million

Good luck to:

Jake Banks 8F1
James Casey 7G2
Jamie Cole 7R1
Jordan Edwards 7F1
Liam Ennis 8R1
Connor Francom 7F2
James Herbert 11F3
Lance Jones 7G1
Connor Lloyd-Jones 7F2
Michael Pittman L6R2
Lloyd Raynor 7G2
Brad Spinks 8G1
Tristan Tomkins 7F1

CalumTowers 7R1