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The Team of Life

Year 7 students at Mosslands School are participating in an exciting project 'Team of Life'.

Year 7 students at Mosslands School are participating in an exciting project 'Team of Life'.

The Team of Life is a narrative approach which encourages young people to think about their ‘story’ in order to achieve specific targets, with techniques, strategies and mentoring being later introduced.

The Team of Life course uses football as an analogy to think about who is in our ‘team’ and their role, setting goals and the importance of skills and strategies for overcoming obstacles and how we celebrate goals.

During the July 2011 course, there were a number of agencies working in partnership to deliver the two day programme including; Claire Owens, Senior Learning Mentor, Dr. Vicky Eames, Clinical Psychologist, Phil Rhodes, NHS and Liverpool Football Club, who all brought their own individual story and skills to the group in order to inspire, motivate and support the team.. with a little help from the European Cup which LFC brought to visit!

Prior to the course starting, students were interviewed by Vicky, Claire and four Peer mentors, being encouraged to set three goals which they would like to achieve. This enables a tailor made approach which gently supports each student on their journey to success.

Following the interviews, students attended a two day, high energy, fun filled and thought provoking course at the Soccer Dome, which gave them the opportunity to get to know the peer mentors and hear some of the inspirational messages and stories from Liverpool Football Club. Students chose one of the three targets to work on over the next few weeks and thought about the potential obstacles and what skills or strategies they would need to overcome them.

Following on from the programme, students will work with a Peer Mentor this week, who will support them to achieve this target.

All Peer Mentors have attended a training programme, including child protection and safeguarding to ensure that they have all the necessary skills and information to support their Mentee as effectively and professionally as possible, they are an outstanding team who are positive role models for our younger students.

The project is to be presented at the International Emotional Health Conference in Cambridge University in September 2011, in which all the students will be invited to attend.

Further information about individuals stories to follow after the Mentoring Programme at the end of term.

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