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Switched On Switching Off

The Swicth Off Fortnight campaign has finished in the Mosslands School, with some astonishing results!

Switch off fortnightThe Mosslands School has been involved with the Switch Off Fortnight campaign. A team of students headed by Mrs Rycroft aimed to reduced the schools energy consumption by informing other students and members of staff about the importance of being responsible with what energy we use. They advised that, not only is it much better for the environment, but the money saved would be able to be spent on books and other resources that the school may need.

From their great efforts, premises manager, Mr Ryder, confirmed that on average the daily electricity use was down by 37% and overnight consumption was down by an astonishing 54%. This amounted to a saving of £750 in just 2 weeks!

Switch off Fortnight may be over but The Mosslands School is committed  continue with the good work on turning things off so we can save even more money!