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Eco-School Award

The Wirral Globe reports on our continued campaign to gain an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Eco SchoolsArticle from the Wirral Globe - 7/1/12

A WIRRAL school wants to prove its commitment to the environment by picking up an Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

The Mosslands School in Wallasey are working towards the national accolade by encouraging people to save energy.

Pupils took part in 'Switch Off Fortnight' in which they monitored the energy wasted by leaving lights and computers on at night.

They then left notes for 'energy offenders' – including teachers and support staff – telling them how much money was being wasted and how bad it was for the environment.

Phil Lightwing, head of geography, said: "We're starting off by going for the Bronze Flag which will take us a year and will then aim to get the Silver, Gold and ultimately the Green Flag.

"The school has expanded its green policies over the past few years but this is the first time we are putting ourselves forward for an Eco-Schools Award.

"We made a real push during 'Switch Off Fortnight' to turn everything off at night, from lights to computers and projectors.

"The school's electricity usage was actually down 37% during this period and we saved £750 over the two weeks.

"We had a team of pupils reminding staff to turn things off and the IT department was able to tell us who the biggest offenders were."

The school's green policies – which also include recycling bins in each classroom, using recycled paper and recycling our ink cartridges, the Bike to Work Scheme for staff, composting food and developing a vegetable allotment patch – are incorporated into geography lessons as part of the national curriculum.

Mr Lightwing added: "The pupils are really getting into the whole ethos being energy efficient and even the staff are taking notice!

"Through simple measures the school can save around £1,500 each month and cut right down on our carbon footprint.

"We really want to achieve the Green Flag and will be working hard over the next few years to achieve this."