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Maritime Business

A Level Business Studies students visit to the offices of Mersey Maritime, learning about international trade, logistics and the fluctuation in exchange rates

Mersey Maritime LogoYear 12 Business Studies pupils learn more about International Trade and Logistics.

Through a visit to the offices of Mersey Maritime in Birkenhead pupils spent a morning learning about international trade and logistics and the fluctuation in exchange rates as part of their A Level Business Studies course. Pupils also undertook a Business Simulation activity

Logistics is at the heart of trade. The efficient flow of stock between bases is essential to the profitability of an organisation and managers are constantly looking at how to improve efficiencyandreducecosts.

Roles in international trade cover many occupations from Import/ Export Managers, Freight Forwarders, Finance Executives, Haulage and Maritime Law. People in these occupations need to be:-

  • Able to manage and motivate people
  • Able to analyse and interpret data including financial information
  • Calm and flexible when unexpected things happen
  • Able to pay close attention to detail
  • Good at solving problems and taking responsibility for your decisions
  • Able to plan and prioritise

Pupils through the activities were able to gain an insight into the importance of:

  • Good interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • Organisational, numerical and analytical skillsExperience of using information technology