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Roman Invasion

'Piece it Together' drama group run a intersting and fun History session teaching our Year 7's about the Romans.

Stage production7M1 recently took part in a ‘Roman Day’ as an enrichment activity for Gifted and Talented Students, led by the History Department. The day was run by the ‘Piece It Together’ drama group. Curtis Nuttall has written the following piece about the day.

On Roman Day everyone was sent out of class to join in with different Roman activities like; fighting, making your own camp and performing puppet shows.

Firstly, we trained Roman fighting, in which everyone chose a partner and then switched roles between attacking and defending. Defensive techniques using Roman shieldsThen we got into groups of eight and made different defensive techniques with our shields, we done the turtle and the orb.

After break, we looked at marching camps and the best places to situate them. We then made our own camps in our groups of eight and then compared it to the actual marching camps that the Romans actually made. Later we then made the real camps but this time on a larger scale!

After we made the camps, we watched a play about Romulus and Remus, the cast was us! When the play finished, we made our own The Romulus and Remus playshadow puppet play in our groups of eight. Two of the groups got to show them to the class. (They were funny!)

After lunch, we finally concluded with a play about Caligula and his death. We then asked the suspects of Caligula’s death questions about the death and then we were finally told who was behind his death.