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Liverpool University Review

Year 7 student Mykel Macdonald gives an account of his day spent at the Univesity of Liverpool

Year 7 student Mykel Macdonald gives a review of his time spent at Liverpool Univesity

University of Liverpool LabsToday year 7M1 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the University of Liverpool were they had to do practical’s and get stuck into what an average student would have to do. 

Firstly the whole 7M1 got to go on a tour around campus and were allowed to visit most of the eleven and a half thousand building the University of Liverpool have. 

One of the students had told us that they do many sports from  swimming to the horse riding. Once we had left the sports hall we travelled over to the gather rooms were we firstly had to make societies and try to win the votes. Small vehicles society tied with the other winning society cinema. 

University of Liverpool LabsAt the next stop, we got a booklet with a certain amount of objects from a supermarket and what we had to do was try and guess how much they all cost together. At the end we had to tally up our results and find who got the closest to the actual price. Team Beans won with the guess of £267.34. 

Second to last for our day out we stopped off at the biochemical labs were we met two students who were going to teach us a practical. Everyone enjoyed doing the practical. We had to mix starch and other food to see if they had a substance in that would make the food go black. The next practical was were we had to mix starch with another scientific substance which would cause a blue liquid, and then we had to pour in different juices from different fruits. We all left with a smile on our faces. 

Last bUT certainly not least we visited the chemical block were we also done another practical. Testing the metals against a Bunsen burner to make different flame colours everyone loved the practical. 

Thank you Liverpool University.

By Mykel Macdonald