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BBC School News Report

Mosslands took part in the biggest BBC School News Report Day Ever. Find out what stories we reported as we turned our classroom into a news room! 

School report map We have been busy reporting for the BBC School Report News Day.

The School Report News Day 2012 took place on Thursday 15 March, in more than 1,000 locations across the UK and is the largest to date!

Nine of The Mosslands School Year Seven and Eight pupils (Carl, Connor, Liam, Adam, Kieran, Andrew, Harvey, Omar and Dylan)  joined more than 30,000 budding journalists to ‘showcase news from an unusual and refreshingly youthful perspective’. 

BBC School News Report teamWe made group decisions on what we could realistally report on and the stories people would be interested in. Our main story was about Headteacher Mr. Rodaway leaving the school. We interviewed staff, students and researched as much as we could about what he had done since taking charge of The Mosslands School. 

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Other stories featured included 'should sweets be sold in school?', 'The Queens Diamond Jubilee', 'The recent Merseyside derby', 'The opening of a new Harry Potter World theme park', and the weather.

The day was long and stressful at times, with deadlines to be reached, but the News team worked brilliantly together and supported each other thoughout the day. It gave us a real sense of what it would be like to work in a real news team for the BBC. 

At 4pm our link went live from the BBC and people using the BBC website could view our news report.

Have a look now and see what you think....

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