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Horrible History

Patrick Nelson (8G1) writes about his class trip to the Floral Pavillion to watch Horrible Histories - The Terrible Tudors


The performersOn the 20th of September our class, 8M1, went on a school trip to The Floral Pavilion to watch Horrible Histories - The Terrible Tudors.

As we arrived at The Floral, we all got our tickets and found our seats. The show was all about Henry VII, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

To start with it showed the history and facts of Henry VII and how he defeated King Richard at the Battle of Bosworth.

Next it showed Henry VIII. The performers introduced Henry. They told us all about him, like his date of birth, etc. After that we saw a part about his wives and we all sang a song that told us what happened to each wife. Finally they told us how Henry died and how Edward VI took over, but soon after he unfortunately died too.

Then there was an interval and we were all given 3D glasses.

In the second half they showed us how Elizabeth Tudor beat the Spanish Armada. This was my favourite part, because when the ships exploded it looked like all the pieces were coming towards us.

I enjoyed going on the trip and look forward to seeing a new performance at The Floral Pavilion.

We enjoy watching Horrible Histories at home on the TV, but the live show was much better and would recommend it to others.

By Patrick Nelson (8G1)