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Creating an Airline

If Richard Branson can do it, so can we!  A Young Enterprise challenge for Year 10 & 11 students to create an airline

Year 10 and Year 11 Business Studies and Travel and Tourism students took part in a Young Enterprise Challenge, sponsored by Scottish Power.

Pupils worked in teams to set up their own company and create a brand new airline in one day. Pupils operated as a company, in competition with the other teams. Due to the number of decisions and actions required, each team had to allocate job roles to different individuals. The roles included Managing Director, Financial Controller, Destination Specialist, Marketing Manager, and Sales Manager. Pupils developed skills in communication, teamwork, creativity and problem solving throughout the day. Teams were able to present their ideas, with the winning teams receiving a prize.

Student managing the budgetThe hall was bustling with activityWorking with large figures