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Health & Life Sciences

Year 10 pupils attend the Health and Life Sciences Summer School at Liverpool University


From Tuesday 2nd July to Thursday 4th July, the Educational Opportunities team from the University of Liverpool, working with the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, welcomed young people from 16 Partner schools including several Year 10 students from The Mosslands School  from across Greater Merseyside onto campus for the Universities first ‘Health and Life Sciences’ Summer School. The event was funded by the University of Liverpool, and aimed to raise awareness and aspirations towards higher education, highlighting the career paths and opportunities open to someone who opts for a clinical based course at university.  The programme was designed to give young people a realistic taste of both the academic and social side of university life and encourage learners to consider the links between their own school curriculum, study at university and their future career choices.

Over the three days spent on campus University staff organised hands on tasters in Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Psychology, Veterinary Science and Life Sciences. The Mosslands students along with others were then able to choose which sessions they wanted to attend, based on their future careers plans, tailoring the programme to their interests.

In the evenings the students stayed at University Halls of Residence to give them a real taste of what it is like to be a student living independently away from home. There was a full social programme in the evenings to help the students feel relaxed and to make new friends.

The final day involved a series of presentations and interactive workshops about student life, student finances and the opportunity to interview students about their time at university. 

Throughout the event the young people had been led by teams of undergraduate workers, who were available to answer questions about university from their own perspective, drawing on their own recent experiences.

Across the three days the retention rate was 100.0%, which shows the commitment of the young people and the level of engagement we were able to achieve through our programme.

Student Feedback from the residential:


Student Quotes:


  • ‘Enjoyed it because I got to see more about dentistry and the students were friendly and helpful’
  • ‘I enjoyed the session because you were taught by students and told about student life’


  • ‘Great session I had fun, learnt a lot’
  • ‘I enjoyed the practical’s’

Vet Science:

  • ‘It was a good idea to bring in a live animal to make the session more interesting’


  • I would like to learn more about different types of psychology
  • “I really enjoyed the lesson and I hope to do more about psychology in the future and maybe pursue it as a career.”
  • “This session gave me a greater understanding of the subject and what it involves.”

Health Sciences:

  • ‘It was really interesting and interactive’
  • ‘I learn a lot from the session’
  • ‘Really enjoyed this session, but perhaps shorten the initial introduction’
  • ‘I liked the radiography’
  • ‘It was interesting because we learnt a lot about the three subjects’
  • ‘I enjoyed the radiography and orthoptics however found nursing too simplistic and feel we could have done more’
  • ‘It was interesting to learn about different aspects of health’
  • ‘I personally think it was interesting as I learnt new things about the body and different job roles to do with these’
  • ‘None of the subjects were useful to me but I did find that at times they were interesting’
  • ‘Could show the more practical side of nursing. Radiography was fun’
  • ‘Radiography taster was very interesting and relatable to real life situations’


Life Sciences:

  • ‘The session was interesting and hands on’
  • ‘It was very hands on which I enjoyed’
  • ‘it was good that we got to do a practical’
  • ‘It was fun watching the flies mating and collecting our own DNA from strawberries’
  • ‘I really liked the hands on parts (flies and strawberry DNA)’
  • ‘It made me realise what physiology is and what different types of sciences it is linked to- biology etc’


Student Comments about the Residential:

  • ‘I really enjoyed the whole experience and it was very different from anything I’ve ever done before’
  • ‘I really enjoyed it and the activities were fun. I loved the whole experience and would do it again’
  • ‘It was very fun and interesting!’
  • ‘I really enjoyed it as it was a new experience and I got to experience university life and accommodation’
  • ‘I liked it a lot the rooms were nice and clean, but the beds were small and hard’
  • ‘It was really fun because I learnt a lot about everything’
  • ‘It was very good I enjoyed seeing what it was like to stay over like a university student’
  • ‘It was a great experience to find out how we would live if we were to follow the pathway into university’
  • ‘Everyone there was friendly and the staff were young so we could relate’
  • ‘I found it entertaining the fact that you were with friends but a bit daunting when it came to staying in the rooms on your own, however I enjoyed the privacy’


Do you have any other comments about the residential?

  • ‘It made me think more about what I want to do in the future and what I want to do to achieve it’
  • ‘It made me feel better about going to university and the staff were amazing’
  • ‘Very well organized and staff were friendly thanks’
  • ‘Fun activities, nice atmosphere, friendly staff’
  • ‘The residential was different to others which was good’
  • ‘I enjoyed each day and has definitely made me think about pursuing a career to do with science and wanting to attend this university’