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Anti-Bullying Week

If we see it we RECORD IT, next we will REPORT IT.  We DON'T SUPPORT IT!


18th - 22rd November is Anti-bullying week.No Bully Zone
This week is anti bullying week. The student council have been meeting recently to discuss any issues that are specific to our school and, more importantly, how we can support those that are vulnerable.

The students all agreed that we should have a united front against bullying of all types. There have been a lot of high profile cases in the media of cyber bullying and how that can influence young lives. Students in the school are very supportive of each other and sometimes all people need is a friendly person to talk to. The issues should never be accepted or ignored and students need to know how they can report anyone giving them a hard time. 

They came up with the slogan:

Record it, Report it, Don't Support it

The Anti-Bullying slogan 2013
Anti Bullying Week slogan - record it, report it, don't support it

There will be lots of assemblies on this theme and students and staff will be wearing anti bullying badges to support the issues raised. 

The school, as always, take a zero tolerance approach to all kinds of bullying and we are proud to have students who share this sentiment.

Showing support to Anti-bullying Week
Anti-bullying ambassadors showing support