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Creative Writing

Year seven students worked with Liverpool University Creative Writing Society

Year 7 creative writing class
 Y7 Creative writing class

Last week in English lessons, a group of year seven students worked with Liverpool University Creative Writing Society. The workshop was on the theme of gothic horror and supported the learning taking place in English lessons this term on the same theme.  The boys, working with students from the university, were given the opportunity to write creatively in a variety of forms.  They wrote creative narratives using images as a stimulus for their writing and also poetry.  It was a very enjoyable and valuable session and the students produced some excellent writing.

“I really enjoyed doing the writing workshop.  We completed four different exercises.  We started by putting a sherbet lemon in our mouths closing our eyes and then trying to think of adjectives that best described what it tasted like”.  
Harry Ffoulkes Year 7
“My class and I worked with students from Liverpool University.  We wrote poems about nightmares and we told a story about a haunted house.  Overall I thought it was fun I loved it, especially the sweets”.  
Scott Clement Year 7
“It was an excellent experience and they were good teachers.  We were shown images and asked to write about them, we read a poem and then made up one of our own and we read an extract from Feather Boy and then wrote three paragraphs of our own” .
Tom Euers Year 7