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1000mph Bloodhound

Mosslands STEM students are invited to the University of Liverpool to attend a lecture about the 1000mph car, Bloodhound

BLOODHOUND the 1000mph car!
Students in the lecture theatre
 Students in the lecture theatre

STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) at Mosslands have been gaining momentum this academic year; Mr. Lam has enthusiastically organised activities to encourage our young men to develop knowledge and passion for learning in these subject areas.

Ron Faulkner, who is the Merseyside and North Wales regional chairman of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and STEM ambassador for the area, has been supporting activities in local schools and colleges to encourage participation in STEM projects. He is also an ex Mosslands student!
On Thursday 28th November, fourteen of our year seven pupils had the opportunity to attend a lecture at Liverpool University. Dr. John Lanham of The University of the West of England presented a talk about the amazing Bloodhound SSC (supersonic car).
 BLOODHOUND SSC has very clear objectives:
  1. To create a national surge in the popularity of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects,
  2. To create an iconic project requiring extreme research and technology whilst simultaneously providing the means to enable the student population to join in the adventure,
  3. To achieve the first 1000 mph record on land.
“With all of this in mind, it gives us the fantastic opportunity to create the ultimate Land Speed Record car.”

Our pupils really enjoyed the experience and although they were surrounded by post graduate students and professors, showed no signs of intimidation and contributed to discussions and asked some very thought provoking and environmentally aware questions.

Ron Falkner commented on our pupils as “…conducting themselves in a most well behaved manner.”
He also remarked, “I was very impressed with their knowledge, attention and interest, all of which augers well for their future and for the engineering profession as a whole.” Well done boys!
We would like to thank our pupils for being a credit to our school and to Mr. Lam for organising such a positive experience for our pupils.