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LJMU Engineering Visit

Y10 DT students give their thoughts on a recent visit to John Moores University Engineering Department

A group of our Year 10 DT students visited John Moores University Engineering Department recently and had the following thoughts about their day….
Using the equipment
student using computer engineering equipment
"I found this trip exciting, educational and loads of fun. They showed me some of the practical uses of engineering and how everyday things we take for granted are made. We also tested three different metals in a specialised materials testing laboratory. In this room we did a tensile test experiment on some materials, carbon steel, annealed copper and cast iron and used a machine to test their tensile strengths. This was a great demonstration and showed me that all metals behave differently and can be used to make different things. The highlight of this tour was seeing the many 3D printers the site had. I loved seeing the many different models they had made using this new technology. There was one were they took an x-ray of a woman’s hand and printed it 3D. This meant they were able to observe in great detail the bones of the hand. In another part of the department they had a racing car section in which they designed and built cars to race in competitions against other universities from all around the world. The best part of the tour was the full 360 degree spinning professional race track simulator, valued at £80,000 (a little more costly than my games console but so much better!) Some of us even had a chance to use it!  All in all I had a fantastic time and it has made my thoughts on what to do with my education beyond school very interesting."
Engineering is fun!
 student in a racing car simulator

A former Mosslands and Ruskin lad, Dr Christian Matthews (now a Chartered Engineer, Educator and Principal Lecturer at  Liverpool John Moores University, School of Engineering told us, 

“It was great to meet some of the students from Mosslands, they were a really bright group and we enjoyed showing them around the facilities here at LJMU. I would strongly encourage students to consider a career in engineering. It is a profession which is in high demand and so there are excellent career opportunities in the UK and abroad. It is also an exciting and interesting profession which has given me the chance to work all over the world, from the USA to Australia and India. The key is to study hard in the sciences, especially physics, and also mathematics.”