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Y7 Scientists Visit UoL

127 Year 7 students visited the University of Liverpool to take part in a series of science workshops

 Liverpool UniOn Friday 21st March 2014, One Hundred and Twenty Year 7 students from The Mosslands School visited the University of Liverpool to take part in a series of science workshops based in the University’s Central Teaching Lab.

The day was arranged to coincide with National Science and Engineering Week, and to promote to the visiting young people the exciting science-related teaching and learning that takes place in higher education, and the range of courses and careers that exist in this area.

Students were able to attend a hands-on workshop, developed and delivered by academic staff within the University, based around different areas of science. The students then all attended a large interactive ‘Science Is Cool’ session, to experience the large lecture teaching style of University, and to see the facilities first-hand.

Throughout the events the young people were working with current undergraduate students from a range of subjects, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about higher education, and see role models who may have had the same fears about University just a few years before.

The sessions delivered on the visit day included: 

Y7 students at Liverpool University
 Students working at Liverpool University

‘Flint Napping’ (Science in Archaeology)

‘Windy Workshop’ (Physics)

‘Code Breaking’ (Maths)

‘Roller Coaster Rally’ (Electrical Engineering)

‘Exploring Rocks’ (Earth and Ocean Sciences)

‘Lego Robots’ (Computer Science)

‘Science Is Cool’ Sample Lecture

Student Question and Answer Session


At the end of the last session the young people were asked to fill in an evaluation to feedback what they have gained from the sessions and how they could be improved.

Evaluation Responses:

Overall The Visit To The University Was....

Strongly Agree


Not Sure






















Selected Student Quotes:

Please tell us what you thought of the Science Practical Sessions:

‘It was an amazing lesson and I am thinking of coming to uni after school’

‘I thought that it was interesting and fun because I like to discover many things that I’ve never seen before’

‘I thought it was excellent’

‘At the start of the experiment I didn’t really get it, but about a minute later I could understand it’

‘I thought it was good, lots of experiments in labs!’

‘I thought it was very useful and interesting. I liked the part where you had to guess what the rock was’

‘I thought it was fun and interactive. We painted our hands and put them on the wall’

‘I liked testing stuff with nitrogen, it was fun’

‘I thought it was fun and worth my time. I look forward to coming here when I’m older’

‘I liked the Physics because of the fan practicals’

‘I liked the rollercoasters because it was fun and a challenge’

‘Very interesting and boosted my knowledge on fossils’

‘I thought it was very fun, interesting and informative’

‘It was extremely interesting to me when the helpers were showing us different rocks and how old they were’

Additional pupil comments about the day?

‘Thank you for showing us all of these things’

‘I can’t believe you put your hand in liquid nitrogen!’

‘The day was way better than school, it was great’

‘I’m definitely coming to university when I finish school’

‘It was fun and I hope to come here again’

‘It was great and I thought it was very interesting and useful to learn for later years’

‘I liked it a lot, especially the experiment at the end’

‘Uni is the best place to learn’

‘It was good and I may go to university’

‘I would have loved to have done even more stuff today’

‘I thought it was fun and interesting. I liked the hands on part’

Staff Quotes

What is your overall opinion of the visit to the University of Liverpool?

‘Very good’

‘Good experience for the pupils. Good mix of activities’

 Which activities worked well / didn’t work well and why?

‘Any hands on activity is very well appreciated by the students’

‘Rollercoaster idea was good. Demonstration in the lecture theatre and student participation was good’

‘Yes, pupils left with more knowledge and and experience of university. They also experienced things that may be difficult to do within a classroom’

‘Yes, very enthusiastic and interested in experiments and demonstrations’


The University of Liverpool staff would like to pass on their thanks to all the Mosslands staff that supported the young people and enabled their participation – your organisation and support is very much appreciated.