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Amazing Artists

Wirral News reports on some of The Mosslands School's great artists!

Callum Parry, Calllum Morely and Sam Hunt all feature in the Wirral News who showcase their fantastic artwork!

Age: 17 
Location: Wallasey
Callum's artwork

Since a very young age I have been interested in art and particularly drawing.

I always knew I wanted to become a great artist or work in the arts, but never had the confidence to progress from little sketches and doodles to using painting and producing big pieces of work.
I started painting and using acrylic and canvas two years ago at the start of my A-Levels.
I began to experiment more and came to use different techniques, and in the past six months I started to look at portraiture for the first time in my life and started using oil paint.
I haven’t quite mastered oils or portraiture but I still enjoy using the materials and producing portraits.
Currently I am studying A-Level Fine Art. I have developed a wide range of skills thanks to both of my art teachers, Ray Sinclair and Jo Robbins, but I would also say that the other students I have studied with at Mosslands School have helped me progress and become a greater artist.
After I have finished sixth form I will then go onto taking a foundation art degree at college before heading off to university to study either fine art or digital art.
I want to sell my paintings not only to local buyers, but hopefully selling prints and original pieces across the globe.
I am currently accepting commissions and also wanting to exhibit my work not just locally, but across the country and maybe overseas too.



Age: 20 
Location: Wallasey 
Twitter: @samhunt52
Sam's Artwork
 Sam's Artwork

My love of art was ignited at an early age largely due to the influence of my father, and paternal grandparents who are all accomplished artists themselves.

Although their artwork was very traditional it gave me a good grounding in how to draw and paint. As I have matured and understood how to interpret different styles of art I have developed my own unique interpretation of making art, which I feel has expanded my range and helped me to build an exciting portfolio.
I am currently in my first year studying Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University. I feel that I have been able to pursue art as I am today due to my time at the Mosslands School – in particular my two years in sixth form.
Studying art at A-Level really helped me push on with my work and I began to become obsessed with 'making' work in many different ways.
This year my work has really pushed on and picked up momentum both in and out of university. Outside university I have been involved in numerous exhibitions including the Heswall Arts Festival and the Rotary Art Exhibition.
I felt that both of these exhibitions were very successful and gave my work an audience, which might have been lacking beforehand.


Since these exhibitions my work has been shown and talked about more and as a result I have had commissions coming in thick and fast, which is amazing for me.
My work can sometimes be seen as playful, but also asks questions about art itself and tries to depict what art is really about.
I use many different mediums in my work including painting, sculpture, installation, performance and video.
My main focus always seems to be with using paint in any way I can and exploring different ways of 'doing' work which I hope will result in me answering some of the questions that my works may ask.
Since starting university I have really started to explore and try and discover who I am as an artist and where my practice will go.
I have been involved in two exhibitions in Leeds, with two more lined up for the near future; this is extremely exciting for me as at these shows give me a chance to see how the public perceive my work.
I will be exhibiting at many of the exhibitions around Wirral this year, which start in Easter and go on until the end of summer.
If you are interested in finding out about my exhibitions or indeed looking to buy any of my work you can do so at


Age: 18 
Location: Wallasey 
Twitter: @callummorleyart
Callum's Artwork
 Callum's Artwork

My artistic journey began at a young age, However, I only started really painting and experimenting with art in general during the first year of sixth form.

I am currently on my second and final year of sixth form at The Mosslands School. My skills have developed enormously since the first year and I have learnt an awful lot of new and different techniques so far. I am always looking to push my ability further and progress.
I love experimenting with paint and other materials as it lets me express myself as well as, letting me analyse and evaluate, so that I can take the good from the experiments and apply it to the next piece I create. This, to me, is a vital technique as it allows me to learn new things and try different challenges.
I am close to the end of my second year in sixth form; once it is over I am then going on to do my foundation course at Wirral Met. I have chosen to do this because I think it will benefit my skills and help me to develop them.
I have started to make a bit of money through something I love as well, which is never a bad thing. I have and do take commissions from people, whether they are people I know or don’t know.
I am always very happy to sell or create a painting for someone. I have been successful in the commissions I have sold so far as they have always given me good feedback or wanted more paintings.
I hope that one day I can show my work all over the world.
I would also like to donate and paint paintings for charity and good causes.
An example of this would be a subject that I looked at for my course which involved children. I looked at the relationship between mother and child.
While doing this and from evidence gained from where I live, I realised that there are a lot of troubled kids and families – some who are at a very young age.
I am very motivated and driven to pursue this dream.