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Year 11 Sit ALAN Tests

Year 11 students are showing encouraging results from their online Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy tests.

Year 11 students taking their ALAN testsYear 11 have seen sitting their ALAN tests over the past 3 weeks.
ALAN stands for Adult Literacy And Numeracy.

These tests give all Year 11 students the opportunity to gain a qualification in Functional English and Maths.
Over the past few years, these tests have made a real difference to significant numbers of Year 11 Mosslands students as they attempt to cross the important hurdle of 5A* to C grades at GCSE including English and Maths.The tests are sat online and are multiple choice.

A pass at Level 1 represents 1/2 a GCSE at grade D/E whereas a pass at Level 2 represents 1/2 a GCSE at grade B.
The Year 11 students have displayed a superb attitude to these qualifications with many students choosing to return after school to have another attempt if they did not pass first time around.

The results so far are encouraging: 71% of students have achieved a Literacy qualification and 75% have achieved a Numeracy qualification.

Well done must go to the 109 students who have so far achieved a pass at Level 2 for both Literacy and Numeracy!