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Year 7 Examinations 2015

Examinations for Year 7 will take place from Monday 15th June to Friday 19th June


Dear Parents


Examinations for Year 7 will take place from Monday 15th June to Friday 19th June.  These will take place in the Old Sports Hall for the majority of students.  Year 7 students do need to adjust from the expectations of sitting shorter exams in their classrooms at primary school to the longer exams sat under more formal exam conditions that are required at secondary school and these exams will provide the opportunity for this.


During exam week, exams will take place in the afternoons and there will be additional exams on Thursday morning too.  Normal lessons will run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and boys will need to make sure they bring their books and equipment as usual.  The timetable of examinations for your son is shown overleaf.


It is important that your son attends school during this period as the examinations provide valuable information about your son’s progress.  The results of these exams will be communicated to you in your son’s report, later in the summer term.


It is important that students are properly equipped to take the tests and we would appreciate parental support in ensuring that boys arrive for the examinations with full equipment including a calculator, protractor and pair of compasses.


There is an opportunity to revise at the beginning of some of the exams so please make sure your son has the relevant exercise books and revision materials with him in school.  In formal examinations, mobile phones and MP3 players are not permitted.  I would recommend that your son leaves such items at home on these days, or alternatively, he will need to hand them in at the beginning of the exam.