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Warwick Castle Trip

Forty of our Year 7 students went on a History reward trip to Warwick Castle.

Boys outside the castleForty of our year 7 students went on a History reward trip to Warwick Castle on 28th June 2010. Ted Richardson, Thomas Sanders, Callum Reid and Dominic Ward have written about their experiences from the day.
We got to go on the trip to Warwick Castle as a reward for our efforts in History this year; we were given reward points for things like working hard, taking pride in our work and good behaviour. After a three hour coach journey we arrived at the castle. There were lots of peacocks around the grounds! We split off into two groups and some of us went to see an archer, he did a demonstration with a bow and arrow and then he dressed up a student in armour and showed us different types of weapons.
Boys in the groundsAfter that we went to learn about the castle’s defences, it had a dry moat, two towers called Guy Tower and Caesars Tower to shoot arrows from, two portcullises, doors and murder holes which hot liquid would be poured down to injure the enemy. Even if the enemies got through all these defences into the castle grounds, there would then be an army of one thousand men on horses ready to attack. We learnt that since Warwick Castle was built only twice has it been successfully attacked, during The Hundred Years War and The War Of The Roses.
Posing in the stocksWe then went on a tour of the inside of the castle and were told about how Sir Fulke Greville had turned the castle into a stately home. It was full of pictures of the Earls of Warwick and Kings of the past, we saw a huge table which has been carved out of a single tree. As well as this there were models of Knights on horses, we found a secret trap door hidden behind the model of Henry VIII and there was a room with a tapestry that covered all the walls. The dining room was great, it had pictures, busts of Romans and the ceiling was carved with gold.
In the afternoon the largest trebuchet in the world was fired and we got to go and see it up close. After this we went all the way up to the top of the tower, it was really high, dark and steep but it was worth it for the amazing view at the top. We then ended the day with a show about Merlin and the Sword and the Stone. It was a great day, the weather was lovely, we had fun and learnt so much and the trip will definitely help us in the future.
Thomas Sanders – “An amazing experience, especially for my History studies”.
Callum Reid – “A must see history experience, showing one of the greatest castles in Britain”.
Ted Richardson – “An amazing day, I really enjoyed Warwick Castle and it was a great reward for hard work”.
Dominic Ward – “Warwick Castle is a great revelation of the past”.