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The University Experience

Ben Porter reports on his three day visit to John Moores University

The experience of staying at a real university for a few days really helped to show Matthew, Richie, Mike and I, how a university works. 

On the first day we went to our flats and unpacked and then went for lunch and on to Liverpool’s  I.M. Marsh which is a Liverpool John Moore’s University campus. Here we worked in teams competing in challenges against other teams. After this we returned to our rooms to chill for an hour and a half to rest and have a shower before going for our tea to Caesar’s Palace.
Before we went on the trip we were asked to choose the things we would like to do on the first night. The choices were: 
  1. Watch the World Cup.
  2. Go to the Liverpool Empire to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
  3. Go bowling.
Matthew, Mike, Richie and I chose to go to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This was a great thing to see but Matthew wouldn’t stop singing the whole way through!
On the Wednesday we went to I. M. Marsh again to do the activity we had chosen before our visit, we all chose sports. We experienced lectures and then went out for a game of football. On the Wednesday night we had a disco in The Feathers and the lads had the opportunity to go and watch the World Cup which only I did, Matthew, Richie and Mike stayed at the disco.
Finally, on the last day we packed and then went back to the activity we had chosen which was sports. This was the best day for the activity because we went in pairs on a coach and taught primary school children sports. We did this until 12 o’clock and then went for the Graduation Ceremony and for the Awards.
All in all the experience was great for all and it gave us a good idea of what university is really like. We all enjoyed hanging out in student accommodation at night and Leigh, out Student Mentor made the experience funny, enjoyable and worthwhile.


Ben Porter 10R2