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Memory Championships

Mosslands boys go to the UK Schools Memory Championship final

Memory championship finalistsMemorising hundreds, even thousands of numbers, playing cards and words, may seem an impossible task for anyone who is unfamiliar with memory techniques. However, with a little practice and knowledge of the basic underlying principles behind mnemonic techniques, most people are quite capable of memorising, for example, a shuffled deck of playing cards. When it comes to studying for exams, these skills are remarkably useful.

Daniel Shakeshaft and Christopher Ffoulkes along with other pupils who took part in the training have been able to develop a range of techniques to aid their studies. After coming first and second for the school in a regional final both pupils were able to take part in the National Championships. Being in the top 10% both pupils did extremely well to reach the final and performed well, with Daniel finishing in the top 25 pupils for words and numbers..
The event also involved staff talks by Dominic O’Brien 8 times world memory champion, and also Dr Tracy Alloway Director of the Centre for Memory and Learning in the Lifespan at the University of Stirling and has developed the world’s first standardised working memory tests for education.
Christopher Ffoulkes, “I’ve enjoyed the whole experience, it has been hard work but fun, and I feel the techniques I’ve learnt will help me with my future exams”
Daniel Shakeshaft, “I found the day really enjoyable and will use the techniques learnt in the future.”