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Team Science took over seventy Year 10 pupils on a visit to the Liverpool Arena and Conference Centre for a symposium called “Accelerators for Science and Society”  involving Big data: generation and analysis, Proton Beam Therapy: How the Large Hadron Collider Cures Cancer, Antimatter Matters!, AI and other mind-blowing possibilities plus a hands-on circus of experiments.

We also met “intelligent designer” (remembering the theory, that life, cannot have arisen by chance and was designed and created by some intelligent entity)  of Bob The Build Curtis Jobling.   He gave an inspiration talk about the importance of creativity and innovation within Science and drove home the importance of keeping up hobbies and interests, which we all wholeheartedly agree with, as it helps mould a better-rounded person. The day was a fantastic experience and as always the boys did us proud and even won the award for the best tweet of the day.

In recognition of its 1000th tweet and the schools visit Mosslands STEAM  proclaimed YES YOU CAN ! so no now lads it’s down to you to get out there and make something of yourselves!  MNL