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First STEAM contact.

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of helping with a Year 7 STE@M event with an organisation called “Tomorrows Engineers”.   Having only been at Mosslands for one term, this was the first event of this kind that I was part of and I must say, it was excellent and really highlighted to me the potential and creativity that our boys have.  At first, some students were uncertain about the workshop but their engagement soon shifted as they realised that the subject of STE@M was part of everyday life including in sport, cars and fashion. The electric car challenge really got all of the boys interested and they were all excited to work together and achieve their goal. This was a very exciting day for all involved and Steve, the lead presenter, was such an amazingly engaging and enthusiastic mentor to our boys. Well done to the STE@M team. SB staff

 Pupils were impressed with the day too and said :-

I was told it was going to be a taster day for Engineering. I immediately was looking forward to it. I was expecting it to be fun whilst using your imagination to build and create or even design robots

and cars. I was very excited…  The day inspired me as I realised anyone can do what they dream of, if they put their minds to it.”  TG Year 7

All in all, I enjoyed the day as it taught me new things and the importance of energy can have on us day to day.”  DH Year 7

“Today in my STEAM lesson I learned about engineering and that it is well more than a mechanic, engineering is involved in sport, fashion and much more.”  EW Year 7

“I didn’t expect the workshop to be so exciting and educational as it was. I felt really involved because we had lots of discussions.”  CW Year 7

Yesterday, I really enjoyed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths)…We made electric powered cars. I love doing things like that at home in a safe way to further my learning… At Mosslands I now have the opportunity to learn more! “ HT Year 7 MNL