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Sports and Activity Week (13th-17th July 2020)

The Mosslands School
Sports and Activity Week
13th-17th July 2020

Students are challenged this week with completing as many of the activities in this booklet as possible.  It is suggested that they attempt 3 or 4 activities a day.  Successful completion of each activity gains the students house points towards their overall house total.  These totals will be shared each day via Twitter and the school website. The winning house will be announced just after lunch on Friday 17th July.  The winning house will receive the House Cup for 2020. 

This booklet is broken up into 2 sections:

Section 1:  Academic and fun challenges
Section 2:  Sporting challenges

There are 2 ways that students can submit photographs of their responses to the challenges and activities to earn house points.  They can email their photographs to or send a Tweet to @MosslandsSchool.  Whichever way they decide to submit their attempts to earn house points, they must subject and tag their photograph with their surname and form.  For example:

John Smith of 8R2 would send a photograph of his D&T 2 egg omelette task with the tag ‘SMITH 8R2’ to either the social email or via Twitter.

We would very much like family or whoever is at home to get involved as well, so please feel free to support and encourage the completion of the challenges and activities.

Good luck, and enjoy the last week of term and have a restful summer break!


All the staff at The Mosslands School.

Activity 1: Fractals
This challenge is worth 5 house points
A fractal is a never-ending pattern.
Fractals are infinitely complex.
Fractals are created by repeating a simple process forever in a loop.

This is a famous fractal called the Koch Snowflake (Pronounced
‘coach snowflake’) named after Swedish mathematician Helge von Koch.
Your job is to fill in the missing information on the next pages
to help the maths department figure out how much material is
needed to make our own Koch Snowflake!

Activity 2 – 2 Egg Omelette
This challenge is worth 3 house points
Using whatever ingredients you have to hand, find a simple recipe for an omelette using 2 eggs and
make a member of your family a tasty treat!

Activity 3 – Recreate your favourite film or TV scene
This challenge is worth 3 house points

We would like you to recreate your favourite film poster or film/TV character as a freeze frame.
You can use costume, props and get family members to get involved!
You will need to photograph your effort, and this will be awarded house points for creativity, originality and
impressive Drama poses!
You can also add special effects and text to your finished creations.... let your imagination run wild.

Activity 4 – Save our Seas!
This challenge is worth 4 house points


Activity 5 – Story Writing and Picture Painting
This challenge is worth 5 house points

Create a graphic story, panel by panel, responding to this period of lockdown. Remember that sometimes the most mundane or solitary situations come to life in their telling – think about the first novel ever, Robinson Crusoe as a great example! Your story might draw on a real-life event, big or small (remember that the smallest of things, like running out of milk, can be really meaningful in a story), or you might create something more imagined or fantastical.

Think also about the storytelling in respect of a series of images, what can the story be boiled down to; what are the crucial images? You will need to develop a style that suits your skills, whether pencil or ink drawn, painted or collaged. You might consider safely teaming up with friends to virtually produce this as a collaboration, between writer and illustrator for example.

For example, have a look at Social Distance: a graphic short story for the coronavirus age by Mark Haddon at

Also have a look at a wealth of contemporary styles published by Self Made Hero who specialise in the contemporary graphic novel:

The story should be no longer than two A4 pages.

Activity 6 – Is it in your DNA?
This challenge is worth 4 house points

Hi all, DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule composed of two chains that coil around each
other to form a double helix carrying genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth and
reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses. It is a very important molecule and the
discovery of the structure was attributed to the two scientists Watson in Crick. You can learn more
about this by watching this video

The science challenge for you this week is to build your own model out of any materials you choose.
The bigger the better but you must be able to label the key components of this very important

Activity 7 – Is that the original?
This challenge is worth 3 house points

Your task is to recreate in the most imaginative and creative way your favourite piece of art. This
may be a painting, a sculpture or a game and movie poster. You can use whatever media and
medium you like, just be creative!

Activity 8 – The Cereal Challenge
This challenge is worth 5 house points

The Challenge:
The cereal industry has a serious appetite for money, starting in America as a
digestive aid; it’s now classed as the most important meal of the day for many
people across Europe and the UK. The sales revenue forecast for the UK cereal
industry was forecast at £3 billion in 2019 alone (Statista, 2020).

Your challenge is to create a cereal brand and product that could break into
this industry and earn a share of its £3 billion revenue. To enter, you just need
to complete the 7 tasks below and submit your entry to

The closing date for entries is 31st August 2020 and the winning entries will be
posted in September across our social media pages:
Instagram & Facebook: @TwoTeachersBusiness | Twitter: @TwoTeachersBiz. We wish you the best of luck.

Task 1: What is the name of your cereal brand and product?
Task 2: What is the slogan for the cereal brand?
Task 3: Design a logo for your cereal brand (post below)
Task 4: Who is your target audience and why?
Task 5: What pricing strategy are you going to use and why?
            Pricing Strategies Explained on YouTube @TwoTeachers)
Task 6: How could you expand your cereal brand and product range in the future?

Any additional information such as promotions to influence customers to buy?

Now it’s time to design your packaging! Good luck!

Activity 9 - History Matters….
This challenge is worth 3 house points

Design and build a home-made catapult and see how far it can fire a projectile.

When this is complete you are tasked to recite as many kings and queens as you can in the correct
order, starting with William the Conqueror.

Activity 10 – Home Automation
This challenge is worth 3 house points

The term 'smart home' is used to describe a house that contains a communication network that connects different appliances and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed. It is also known as home automation or domotics.
A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.

What is my task?
Think of any part of your home or bedroom that you would like to make “smart” and think about how it could be automated.
You need to draw your device (hand drawn or using images from a computer), give it a name and write a short paragraph about it explaining how it works – we would expect it to link up to your home WiFi or the Internet but you need to tell us what it will do!

 How will your smart device make your life easier?

Activity 11 – Plan us all a School Trip!
This challenge is worth 3 house points


You and a group of friends are planning to visit Bletchley Hall to see the computer museum.

You will be travelling from Liverpool Lime Street station and returning the same day.

You need to plan your travel arrangements to arrive at Bletchley Hall by 10am and depart after 4pm.

You will need to work out:

  1. What time to meet at Lime Street.
  2. What time trains/buses leave and any connections/change of train/bus there are (there will be at least one change).
  3. What time you will arrive at Bletchley Hall.
  4. Arrangements for the return journey.