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STEAM at Mosslands. PPMA BEST


STEAM at Mosslands. PPMA BEST

On Wednesday 19th May, 60 year 7 students collaborated in teams to take part in an event ran by PPMA Best. It is widely recognised that there is a shortage of engineers in the UK; therefore, PPMA BEST are committed to raising the bar to provide students with greater opportunities to participate in STEM-related activities. Our students had to complete two challenges which consisted of designing and engineering a prototype “roller loader” and designing an invention and then presenting a 40 second Dragons Den pitch on why their invention should be made.

                 “I think that it was really good, it gave me a better point of view about STEM

                                                                                                                                Louie Year 7

Students began their day by watching clips on the use robotics in the packaging industry. They were then briefed on their task and the history of packaging. The students had 60 minutes to design, create and test their ideas. The team that were able to keep their marble in motion for the longest period of time using card, straws and tape would be the winners! Many teams tried out designs varying gradient, corners and some even added friction devices to slow theirs down. In the end the winning team managed to get their marble to last for 6 seconds. The winners were Charlie Greer, Nathan Jones and Mahmood Ahmed all from 7F1.


My favourite part was the building part because I enjoy physical tasks and it strengthened my bond with my friends and team

                                                                                                                     William Year Year 7

The second activity got the student’s developing their presentation skills. They not only had to come up with an amazing idea to sell but to also create a captivating but information presentation to sell their idea. We had inventions ranging powder to clean water, knifes to toast bread, wardrobes to select your clothing and even portal travel. The winning team at the end of the day invented a coat that was temperature controlled for all those days you don’t know which coat to take out. The genius inventors were Isaak Maddox, Alfie Court and Bobby Nuttal all from 7G3. All the students enjoyed the time inventing and were very supportive of each other during the presentations.