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Governor Eyes STEM

As a recently appointed school Governor for Mosslands, I had the opportunity to accompany some students and staff  to the Echo Arena in Liverpool and attend the UKIO 22 STEM event.

At the event,  we all toured the vast exhibition spaces observing  numerous high tech displays,  whilst I encouraged students to ask searching questions about the operation and use of the medical diagnostic radiological equipment on display.

By interacting with the students, I found that their interest in STEM future careers and their eagerness to gain more information including looking into career areas, previously never considered very rewarding/pleasing/gratifying/satisfying.

It was fascinating to see the wide range of careers possible in the area of medical imaging, that the  boys could consider moving forward into, continuing STEM work previously carried out at school. At the event students were also given the opportunity to learn some of the basics of radiological and medical imaging Science and how the vast range of equipment benefits people.

After the tour of the exhibition floor, their followed a live talk via zoom given by Michael Capps (Former president of Epic Games). Michael and his team had been instrumental in the evolution and design of “Fortnite” (a most profitable  and reward decision!). He was a  very interesting speaker and could relate well to the Mosslands  students. He answered many questions after his talk  and seamlessly used his skills and knowledge of game design to  of  give a “warning” on the future use and application of AI ! Our students were very interested  in how he saw the future and how AI will aid mankind.

Mosslands students were a credit to themselves and the school  throughout the day, with their behaviour excellent too.

It’s unlikely I’ll be joining  the millions across the World playing Fortnite but it intriguing to imagine a Mosslands students creating the next “Fortnite”! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained a greater insight into what STEM can do for Mosslands students.