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IET Faraday Challenge

IET Faraday Challenge Days allow students to research, design, and make prototype solutions to real-life engineering problems. The challenge enables students to experience working as an engineer for a day. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) runs the IET Faraday® Challenge Days as part of IET’s commitment to showing young people the benefits of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Here’s what some of our students said…

 “ I really agree that this (IET Faraday Challenge) was great. Please do it again. I would love other children to do this!”

“I really enjoyed it as I was able to share my ideas and use my creativity.”

“I enjoyed the experience and working in a team to complete a goal”

“Very good and gets people thinking”

As a student on their ITT (initial teacher training), today's IET Faraday Challenge was a new experience for me, as I expected it was for our Year 8s. 
The day was very insightful and enjoyable for myself and the students additionally, it allowed me to see how well the pupils can work and develop as a team and generate impressive ideas very quickly! Equally as impressive was seeing how they reacted to setbacks, being able to quickly address their setbacks and turn them into positives. The whole day was great for giving the pupils an insight into engineering and potential career options open to them. Coupled with the competitive nature of the day, (the IET Faraday Challenge Days is part of a national competition, with the winning team from each event will be awarded a trophy for their school) nature spurred on their learning and engagement.

It’s obvious that Mosslands has a passion for giving students new and exciting opportunities to engage in STEM subjects and it’s a pleasure to be part of that team.

The Winner of the Mosslands 
School 2023 IET Faraday Challenge are Jacob 8G1, Shay  8G1, Thomas 8F2, Pak Ho  8R1, Zak 
8F1 and Maxwell  8R1