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Year 7s go to University!

So why does Mosslands school take young students to Universities? It’s all part of showing students the future options and educational pathways that they might want to go into in the future. No pressure, no hard sell but just a chance to walk through the campuses, explore the amazing facilities, get a brief insight and vibe of university life and just enjoy the experience. Additionally, in this case, our students also got a chance to work with The Talent Foundry on their Powering Transformation program, working in teams to produce a Global Social Issue campaign and presentation. 

Last Wednesday we took a group of 60 Year 7s to an enrichment day at Edge Hill University and I think they enjoyed it!  Our students visited the CAVE (Computer Augmented Virtual Environment), A four-screen multimedia complex that offers students the chance to fully immerse themselves in a virtual environment. 


“In my opinion, it was an amazing day,” said Ollie, who particularly enjoyed the demonisation of Pepper, a programmable robot that could respond to voice commands and move independently and was also impressed with the university lecturer who talked about Pepper. He was very confident and proud of her.

Sculptured walkways, ponds, water features and even a beach are all part of the Edgehill University campus experience and that’s not to mention the amazing sporting facilities our students have got to experience. 

The tech hub was calm and peaceful, and it was here we got to try on some state-of-the-art 3D headsets that allowed us to even stroke an imaginary dog!

The winning team in their “SOO” campaign (Save Our Oceans) worked towards solving a Global Social Issue, with the whole team comprising Frankie, Tom, James, Will, Ollie, Rhys and Jacob.

However, soon the world catches up with students! One student commented that "I enjoyed the visit to Edge Hill University because we did all kinds of fun stuff. I liked working with my group and looking at amazing university sites would be fun, but I’m worried about paying the rent. One minute you're stroking an imaginary dog, and then you're thinking about the rent!"

On a very cheerful point, the day finished with a classic STEM challenge of making a tower using pasta and marshmallows without eating the construction materials. 

Sculptured walkways, ponds, water features and even a “beach” are all part of the Ormskirk EdgeHill University campus experience and that’s not to mention the first-class accommodation and the amazing 24-hour sports and educational facilities. As an alumnus, I would say it’s well worth considering a future there.