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A message from Mr Whiteley

Choosing a school that is right for your child is a significant moment in the life of every family. In Wirral, you are lucky to have a range of excellent schools from which to choose, so you have nothing to fear but lots to gain.

At Mosslands, we have remained a community school and not chosen to become an academy.  We have remained accountable to the Local Authority and to the local elected Government rather than an independent trust, this is important to me.  Our school is a partnership between our staff, our pupils, our families and our wider community, if you choose to send your son here, we will ensure that your son feels like part of this partnership.

I believe in the Comprehensive Education System, I do not believe that every child’s potential or academic future is set at the age of 10/11 on the basis of a test.  Our school is not competing with Grammar Schools, it is just different.  Our goal is to develop well rounded young men no matter what their starting point.  Every year we get students who go to top universities and I’m very proud of them, I’m equally proud of our boys who get great apprenticeships and who have gained the skills and qualities to get jobs that allow them to develop as people, earn a good living and be happy. 

Our curriculum has not been restricted to a narrow range of subject as is the case in some schools.  We do not prevent our students from studying DT, Art or Music to make them study History, Geography and Languages – that is not right for everyone, where would our economy be without creative people or engineers?  Here, all subjects are valued equally.

We have a range of excellent partnerships that allow our students access to things others can not, these include LJMU, Camel Laird Engineering and the UK Military School amongst others. We are a STEM centre of excellence, voted STEM school of the year last year, having won a range of local and regional Engineering competitions.  We have been hugely successful in Sports where our teams reach football county finals every year.

Our offer goes well beyond the daily curriculum, if you would like to know more, please follow the link to our website or call us.