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The KS3 course offers a broad, balanced curriculum in areas of Painting and Drawing, Graphics and 3D work, with some ICT. Students will be encouraged to engage critically with the work of others (artists and peers alike) and to demonstrate and develop their visual literacy through discussion and writing activities. Pupils generally arrive in Year 7 with some basic skills, but due to its status as a Foundation subject, we feel it is important to retain an induction, Basic Skills Course in order to ensure standardised learning across the year group. Baseline assessment can then be carried out at October half term, based on a review of these initial exercises.

These are to be shared with learners at the start of every lesson and will be evidenced in teachers’ planning, either in a formal planner or alongside the KS3 scheme in Teacher’s Own notes.  Within the lesson the teacher will assess that the learning outcomes are met with a variety of assessment methods.  Learners are given access to various websites on the VLE to extend and consolidate their learning.

Homework is an opportunity for the student to consolidate their learning in class and also to extend their learning independently of the teacher; it also provides the teacher with a form of assessment so that the individuals needs can be tailored to ensure they achieve their potential.  It will be given in accordance with school policy and could be in the form of a project-length task sheet that is completed alongside class studies or could be weekly tasks that inform the content of lessons.