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Our policy is to ensure that all students have the highest possible attendance with an expectation of no less than 96% attendance.  To support communications between home and school, Mosslands use an automated ‘Truancy Call’ service to contact home on the first day of absence if you have not been in touch to report the absence. The school operates a tiered system in response to falling attendance with letters sent home to parents, informing them if their son's attendance slips below 95%.  If attendance falls below 95%, parents will be invited into school to discuss issues with the Assistant Headteacher responsible for attendance and the Attendance Officer.  A representative from the Education Social Welfare team will also attend this meeting. 

In line with Government guidelines Mosslands do not authorise term time holiday leave to any student.  We ask that students do not miss the whole day for any dental or medical appointments.  Absences during examination periods are not authorised and parents are asked to find out in advance when these are scheduled for. 

Why does attendance matter?