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BTEC Drama Specification

Btec Level 2 in Performing Arts (Acting)

Btec Performing Arts (Acting) is a practical, engaging and stimulating course which allows you to develop a range of skills and techniques in DRAMA and ACTING. This course will provide you with a multitude of opportunities to perform and learn in a practical environment.  

Drama is all about understanding what it is like to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.  You will play many parts in different imaginary situations. You will have the opportunity to create your own work as well as look at plays written by other people.  You will develop your improvisation and acting skills to a higher level.


UNIT 1 (Core unit) -  Individual Showcase

You will be given a fictional performance event to prepare for. You will have to prepare performance material which links to the given scenario. This is externally assessed.


· A letter of application

· Two short performance pieces.

UNIT 2 (Core unit) - Preparation, Performance and Production

You will work as a company of actors to prepare for a

performance.  This will include all performers working alongside

each other to develop and shape ideas for the final piece.


· A log book tracking your performance progression.

· The final performance piece.

UNIT 3 - Acting Skills

You will participate in a variety of practical workshops

designed to develop your acting skills. You will focus on your

use of drama techniques and how you interpret characters.


· Actor’s log books

· Assessed performance work