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Careers Education at The Mosslands School

The aim of the Careers programme is to ensure that all pupils who leave us at 16 or later have the necessary skills and attributes to be able to access further study, training and employment to become economically independent in the future.

Careers education is at the centre of preparing the students for lifelong employability. All subjects integrate employability skills and subject specific careers information into their schemes of work. There are bespoke careers lessons within the PSHE scheme and form periods.

All students have careers provision tailored to their abilities. This provision seeks to raise aspirations of significant underachieving groups to narrow gaps in outcomes. Our careers adviser works with students through whole class, small group and individual activities to prepare students at key decision points in their school career.

The impact of the careers provision is measured against a range of data and destination data plays a key part in this.

The Careers Programme is evaluated termly. This is done using the CEC COMPASS + tool. This information is used to plan events in school and is reported on the website annually in December.

Destination data, available annually, also informs planning in the autumn term.

The Careers information on the school website is updated annually in December. Additional updates may be made if significant information or legislation changes.

The most recent Gatsby measure is below:

Gatsby Benchmark - Termly Assessment Mosslands School 22/03/2021 % schools fully achieving this Benchmark nationally % schools fully achieving this Benchmark in Regional HUB* 2020 % schools fully achieving this Benchmark in Local Enterprise Partnerships 2020
Liverpool City Region Liverpool City Region
1 - A stable careers programme 100% 27% 47% 37%
2 - Learning from careers and labour information 100% 52% 80% 67%
3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil 90% 25% 23% 26%
4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers 100% 45% 67% 63%
5 - Encounters with employers and employees 100% 58% 82% 71%
6 - Experiences of workplaces 87% 52% 57% 52%
7 - Encounters with further and higher education 91% 30% 44% 39%
8 - Personal guidance 100% 61% 82% 79%

If established events did not run in 2020/21 due to restrictions, we have included them in this assessment.

Events that were planned to bring scores to 100% for March 2021, but not implemented due to Covid restrictions, have not been included in this assessment. We continue to explore virtual solutions to fill these gaps. Since December we have used our Google Classroom platform to provide virtual opportunities for University and workplace visits.

For any queries please contact 
Careers leader: Anne Rycroft
Email : 
Telephone : 0151 638 8131