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Class Codes for Teachers

During the industrial action days, we will require all students to follow their usual timetable and timings of their usual lessons whilst working from home tomorrow. Students should use the class codes provided below to join their teachers for the lesson.

If a teacher is taking part in strike action they will be unavailable and online work will not be set. Instead, you will find suitable work on either of the following websites:

Name Subject Class code
Mr Adair History ftsy67w
Miss Adley English bykzes2
Ms Allen Drama (cover) b3k4epg
Mrs Anders Maths tomz5wi
Mr Baas Maths kgyezmd
Mr Ballantyne Computer Science / ICT ggvcgqs
Miss Beddall Science fsfr35l
Mr Bird PE rusimwp
Mr Bradshaw Design & Technology pa7axyt
Mrs  Brett Performing Arts vvkwdjl
Miss Caetano Science edoxvfn
Miss  Carty Science astvyqc
Mrs Cassidy Digital ICT mc5sc4v
Mr  Cauldwell History abkua3p
Mrs Chapman Maths utbqvue
Miss Connor Art cme2l7v
Miss  Cowen Science n4usmq6
Mrs Danher Business  fm7fyr2
Mr Davies Geography ctfwn3w
Miss Farnell English p6ltbjm
Mr Farrell Science 2cy6nlw
Mr Fieldhouse Maths o2asnpj
Ms Frost Art z24o6eg
Mr Gouldson English fullede
Miss Griffiths Maths pcxics3
Miss Haddad ICT / Business Studies 24f6az3
Mrs Hardie English cfrwmpw
Mr Hepworth History e6wo5yi
Mr Inman ICT kir2mpj
Mr Jackson Music b3k4epg
Mr Jones Design & Technology dzlzp64
Miss Jones Geography wtceoqs
Miss Jones Maths bp6cdna
Mr  Kershaw PE iekcl7c
Miss Kirkpatrick English ie4rjqw
Mrs Lea Science  bdpsw6h
Miss Liddle Foreign Languages bcalrik
Mr Lightwing Geography 642x2xh
Mrs Little Science muizsw3
Mrs  Lubbe Design & Technology ix5zvo7
Mr Lucas Science ktnpmhj
Mrs McBain Business  3zd5f7j
Miss McEvoy Science jjlywgz
Mr McGuigan Computer Science 5iuuuoo
Mr McKune Computer Science/ICT can2fij
Mr Metcalfe PE g7o2p2h
Miss Owen Design & Technology ssildc4
Miss Owens Foreign Languages uhct2ii
Ms Padmore Design & Technology geed3un
Mrs  Parkins English pi6gzo5
Mr Passingham English mg4zjt5
Mr Roche Maths iicnhrq
Ms Robbins Art brxco7w
Mrs Rogers Science oaaom4p
Mrs Rycroft PSHE & Careers bnx3uqv
Mr Sanford Science jwgrx3n
Mr Shaw PE ii26dms
Ms Southwood Computer Science/ RE i7p3nn6
Miss Stewart Geography u5esfcu
Mrs Treanor SENCO iprri7j
Mr Vile PE 2nkpunr
Mr Walsh Maths pgc6nxc
Mrs Walsham Science q6ga2f6
Mr Welch English 7o5gmef
Mrs Weston Science 2xf5qfu
Mr White History 2itqh53
Mr Wilson Maths sc33lkm
Mr Wood Science t4u7xjj
Mr Wooding PE bjfsbs5