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About the course:

This exciting drama course allows you to develop your  performance skills and provides you with varied opportunities to perform in front of an audience. You will learn about different performance styles and theatre movements, exploring ideas practically and creatively. You will gain a knowledge and understanding of theatre practice through your work as an actor, a director and an audience member.

What does this qualification cover?

This qualification covers both scripted and devised work. It also offers you opportunities to do research and to evaluate your skills on a regular basis. You will be taking part in a variety of practical workshops which will focus on improving your drama skills and adding to your ‘Actor’s Toolkit’.

How will it be assessed:

You have 2 units to complete in the first year, each focusing on a range of drama skills. The emphasis of the BTEC course is on practical work and performance pieces will be assessed by the staff.

Unit 1 – Investigating Practitioners’ Work (externally assessed):

You will explore practically a range of theatre practitioners, experimenting with their performance styles and learning about their impact on theatre.

Unit 2 – Developing Skills & Techniques for Live Performance (internally assessed):

You will develop your performance skills as an actor and director, performing in both scripted and devised practical work. The evidence can take the form of actor’s logs, PowerPoint presentations, filmed performances, photographs, evaluations or portfolio tasks.

What is expected of you:

To excel on the BTEC course, you are required to:

  • Be willing to perform both in lessons and at showcase events.
  • Plan your time effectively. You will be expected to rehearse out of lesson time and attend theatre trips. You will need to organise group meetings and use study time to carry out research and to complete actor’s logs.
  • Work well with others; group work is an essential element of the course.

What it prepares you for:

This course will enable you to develop ‘Actor’s Toolkit’ from BTEC Level 2/ GCSE.

This course will provide you the skills and experience that you will need to work in the performing arts industry. It will also give you skills to enable you to continue to study at a higher level such as a degree.

Entry Requirements:

  1. Merit or above in BTEC Performing Arts Level 2
  2. 5 or above in GCSE Drama

Qualification details:

Pearson BTEC National (Extended) Certificate in Performing Arts (Acting) 601/7234/4

For more information:

If you are an internal applicant, please talk to your drama teacher about the possibility of studying drama in the sixth form. Or you may choose to talk to Mrs J Brett  (Subject Lead:Drama)

If you are an external applicant and would like more details about this course please email