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Welcome to Mosslands English Department! 

English is a crucial subject for your future.  Therefore, as a core curriculum subject, you will have a 50 minute English lesson every day.  One of these lessons will be a reading lesson, in the school library.   

Here at Mosslands literature is our passion and is at the heart of our curriculum.  It is our aim to promote and foster a life-long love for literature and readers for life.  Our team of English specialists will encourage, nurture and equip you with the necessary language skills to be a successful participant in life beyond school.   

Miss Adley – Senior Lead English
Miss Dietsch – Literacy Co-ordinator 
Miss Farnell – Assistant Head of Faraday House 
Mrs Frost – Specialist Teacher of SEN 
Mr Gouldson 
Mrs Hardie 
Mrs Howley 
Miss Kirkpatrick 
Mrs Parkins – Subject Lead English 
Mr Passingham 

When you start at Mosslands we will spend the first term getting to know you.  We will aim to discover what you can already do and remember before teaching you knew skills.  We will help you to develop in the three areas of reading, writing and spoken language.